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As the most effective means of preventing fires in dust extraction filters, cyclones and silos, spark detection systems are used throughout industries such as woodworking, recycling, biomass and pellet production.  Sensitive detectors combined with high speed extinguishing units prevent ignition sources passing through the dust extraction ducts and so prevent fires starting downstream; the concept is straightforward and well proven.


In addition to preventing fires in the dust extraction filter, a spark detection system can provide the core function to protect other machinery in the plant.


When a fire is starting inside a machine (eg a planer / moulder in a woodworking application, a shredder in a recycling or biomass application or a grinding mill or dryer in a pellet plant) the first indication of that fire is from the spark detection system, which begins to see embers and hot particles in the dust extraction ducts and burning material in the outfeed conveyors.


The spark detection system prevents those embers reaching the filter through the dust extraction ducts and prevents the fire spreading through the conveyors.  In addition, before there is any significant fire or increase in temperature, the spark detection system can shut down the plant, alert operators and activate extinguishing sprays into the machine itself.


in addition to prevention of fires in dust extraction filters

spark detection supplemented by ember, heat and flame detectors

water mist, gas or foam extinguishing into the source of ignition



prevent filter fires and dust explosions


Where necessary, the spark detectors in the extraction duct can be supplemented by ember detectors in the machinery or conveyors.  Heat detectors or linear heat detection cable can be installed in motor compartments and flame detectors can view the overall area, resulting in a comprehensive fire detection system.


Water curtain extinguishers in the extraction duct prevent ignition sources and burning material reaching the filter.  Additional water mist, foam or gas extinguishing systems can be released into the machine where the sparks originated, to prevent the fire from developing or spreading.

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